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Find inspiration to nurture your relationships and become a better person by understanding and using the different love languages.

What do you think of when we think of expressing our love for those we care about? The most obvious response would be to tell them right away that we love them. Some would say show appreciationGifts, while others feel loved when they spend a good time together. Whatever it is, they are all called love languages.

Our love language depends on our upbringing and personality. Not everyone expresses and receives love in the same way; We have our own way of loving. But first, let's learn what the language of love is and why it is important for us to know it.

What are love languages?

We communicate love in different ways and we receive love in different ways. Dr. Gary Chapman calls them the five love languages. Based on his many years of experience withMarriage CounselingChapman's helpful account states that the five love languages ​​are:

  • Services
  • receive gifts
  • Quality time
  • words of affirmation
  • physical contact

The five love languages ​​refer to the expression of love. All five are part of the way we express love. But there is one that speaks to us the most; This is our most important love language. It is not just about love between romantic partners. Knowing how your loved ones communicate love will help you understand them better. They begin to pay attention to their needs andbutThey provide support when needed.

Meaning of the concept of the five love languages

It was revolutionary when Gary Chapman introduced the concept of the language of love. He gave people a better understanding of love. At first, psychologists spoke of love in a banal way. Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology, even drew on Greek myths to talk about the evil nature of love. Thus, the five languages ​​are an essential ingredient in helping people understand the true nature of love.

The love language theory enriches human existence in many ways. You become more selfless, more empathetic, and more understanding. Then you make closer connections and you make connections.Lifesimpler and mature through meaningful connections.

Promotes selflessness

The theory of Dr. Chapman emphasizes the value of altruism in the language of love. It's not about knowing your love language. You have to take care of your loved ones.needs. A person's love language is different; Everyone should understand the love language of others in order to better support them. Love others by understanding how they communicate love.

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you learn empathy

As you learn more about how each person experiences love, you will see differences. Acknowledging these differences will make you more emotionally mature. You get out of your comfort zone. You agree to put the needs of your loved one before your own.

Learning and using the five love languages ​​increases your emotional intelligence and creates a deeper connection with others. They will understand the depth of feelings of those around them when they give meaning to each other's love language.

More understanding and intimacy.

If you and your partner follow the love languages ​​regularly, your relationship will be richer and closer. You understand how they perceive love when you understand your partner's love language. They achieve a more complete intimacy than yoursshortcutdeepened. Understanding your partner's love language can be very helpful for a happy relationship.

Support personal growth

You grow more when you don't focus on yourself. Your personality grows when you step out of your comfort zone. Although it is difficult, it is necessary to do it. accept the noMannlive alone. We are all responsible for others.

You will learn more interpersonal skills, such as diplomacy, ifLass losyour wishes. Focus on what needs to be done for your relationship. You change for the better when you give meaning to your partner's love language. Also, we all want to grow as individuals and one way to do that is to better understand ourselves. As we understand our way of expressing love, we will discover things about ourselves.

most meaningful interactions

When you communicate using your lover's love language, you live with a greater purpose. You put love in every moment, word and deed. Be careful how you speak and act so as not to hurt others. Doing everything with love will make you feel loved and have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.

What are the five different love languages?


Sometimes all it takes is one act of kindness. A helping hand to ease someencompassingin daily life. Serving others is an act of love that Jesus himself practiced in his ministry. So the language of love and service is a fascinating manifestation of love. You support your loved ones by occasionally freeing them from everyday life.

It could be as simple as cleaning your partner's room or cooking comfort food for yourself.more friendly. It doesn't have to be anything big. just do it with love

What do we have to do:

  • Plan tasks based on what needs to be done. Find out their roles in your relationship. Who does what task? Ask about the tasks they need help with.
  • Take care of your loved one. Predict what to do. Surprise them with meaningful activities. Get familiar enough to know what actions would show you the most love.

What not to do:

  • Let yourself be treated like a doormat. Don't let others walk all over you and don't feel guilty about doing things you don't want to do. Discuss with your partner what you will do. Make love work with open communication.

receive gifts

It's not about the costGiftsAnd not just on special occasions. It's about receiving things that make you feel.estimated. The important thing is that the gift is made with sincerity and love. It is love in physical form. It is about expressing the great value placed on a loved one's time and effort by selecting the most thoughtful gift.

It is easy to interpret this language of love as materialistic. But no, it's about giving and receiving things that make others feel loved. Symbolize affection through thoughtful gifts. Giving gifts is a great way to show that we care about something.

What do we have to do:

  • Pay attention to things that can visually represent your love. Make sure these things are special to the person, from personalized items to items related to their specific hobby.
  • Observe how they like to call. Even the little things that they say they need. Just think about the things they crave.

What not to do:

  • Follow the temptation to buy gifts for a small fortune. The best gifts don't usually require money. Make sure your gift symbolizes something in your relationship.

Quality time

Time is sacred, as valuable as gold. Usually just being there shows your love. Pay attention to your partner whose love language is spending quality time. Reserve time in your busy schedule for your partner, friends, etc.family. To do something together. In some respects, the love language of service and quality time are identical. What sets them apart is the undivided attention they give to their loved ones.

Having a good time is about devoting your time and effort to the people you care about. People with this love language need to feel your attention and all your attention. Appreciate them with your time.

Especially in times of lockdowns and pandemics, it can be challenging because it's easier to feel disconnected. But your time is the most valuable gift and you can do it with the power of technology.

An example is calling via Zoom or just picking up the phone. Or you can spend time with your partner doing things together without distractions. Make them special (children, spouse, family and friends) by prioritizing them even in the small bites of the day.

What do we have to do:

  • Plan how much time and how intimately you can spend with your loved one. Think about what moments you can turn into unforgettable memories. It can be joint activities, sincere conversations, emotions, or just attention.
  • Focus fully on your time. Make eye contact and put your phone aside.

What not to do:

  • be indifferent. This phenomenon is a blockage. If you leave it unattended, you risk falling in love. You also run the risk of resentment and hate dominating the love in your relationship.
  • Lie. Always be open to his loved ones. Even when the going gets tough, strive for clear commitment and communication. Be honest about your feelings. Arrive on time to avoid misunderstandings.
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words of affirmation

Kind words are important. Be careful with your way of speaking as they can convey a lot of things. You can affirm relationships. People with positive love words value verbal appreciation and know exactly what their partner appreciates about them. Say more: I love you, thank you, I care about you and the like.

Show affection with love for all things.Health & Wellnesschoosing what to say It's about so much more than just saying I love you. In order to express love clearly and effectively, it is important that you be aware of your words.

What do we have to do:

  • Notice what words express kindness and compassion. How can you cheer up your loved ones? Find out how to connect them. Check their experiences. Make sure you say everything you say. Listen to them too.
  • Be careful with what you say. Whether it's through text messages, phone calls, or face-to-face conversations, all your words have an impact on people.

What not to do:

  • Forget infantilism. There are times when people throw tantrums and may say things spontaneously. Accept people as they are. Understand that you can't force people to be nice. You can't force them to stick to what you want to say. Forgive people who utter hurtful words, because it is very possible that you can hurt others in the same way.

physical contact

They say that actions speak louder than words and that touch is physical love. It is raw and deep, full of intimacy. Physical affection can have a powerful impact even through small gestures. You need to be sensitive with affection because it shows how much you care. Depending on your relationship, you may be intentional in how you touch people. It can be anything from a pat on the back to a kiss. It means being willing to offer your shoulder to cry on. Make sure your presence is guaranteed.

What do we have to do:

  • Look how many times they try to touch you. This frequency indicates how they want to be played. It expresses the same physical intimacy they have with you.
  • Give them a personal item. People who speak this love language will feel your warmth and love from afar.
  • Talk about the need for touch. Be honest about how often and what kind of physical contact you can provide.

What not to do:

  • Be cold to your touch. Don't hurt people. As you hug your loved one, be sure to express warmth in every gesture. You don't need public displays of affection. Just show your affection with gentle, sincere touches.

How to find your love language and your partner's love language

You can refer to the descriptions of the five love languages ​​above or those for more precision.love language teston the official website of Dr. Chapman. There you can take an online quiz of about ten questions to find out his main love language. This quiz will also give you accurate percentages of the love languages ​​you have demonstrated. By taking the test, you will not only learn your love language, but you will also learn more about why you react the way you do or why you prefer certain acts of love to others.

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How to use the 5 love languages

Maintain healthy boundaries in relationships.

Be clear about what you can give. Depending on the love language of those close to you, be honest about how much affection you can offer. Don't overpromise and only give your consent if you and your partner are comfortable.

Take the time to get to know the people in your life.

Improve communication by talking to loved ones regularly and spending quality time with them. Take care of your children and let them know that you are there for what they need. If you have a partner, take the time to learn about their needs and desires. Be sure to familiarize yourself with it. Even friends and acquaintances are worried about your everyday life.

Show your loved ones love the way they want to be loved.

Once you know their love language, you will be able to express your love in this way. Be aware of your limits. Make sure you show people that you care, even in the slightest. Give them support in a way they can understand.

Make sure no one feels alone in life.

Especially during this pandemic, we must ensure that no one sufferssolo. Emotionally connect with your partner. Strengthen relationships with them. Help them overcome all the tests they face. Share your feelings for her as much as possible.

in summary

The primary language of love differs from person to person. One woman may have words of affirmation, while another may use a good time as love language. Regardless of how your partner experiences love, you should take the time and effort to learn their love language to avoid misunderstandings. Remember that in relationships you should not only receive love, but also give love to your partner.

Your partner's love language is their way of communicating how much they love you. Taking actions that align with your partner's love language will make them feel more valued. An example could be something as simple as verbal compliments or something more like special surprises.

Love languages ​​differ based on our experiences, our upbringing, and our personalities. Even if your loved ones have the simplest love language (physical touch or service), paying attention to them. Listen to them and have a meaningful conversation with them, because many times there is still a lot to discover about them.

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