The 9 Best Job Boards of 2022 | digital trends (2023)

Do you need a job or are you looking for one?The best way to hire staff? Today this is happening online, and by 2022 there will be a whole range of online job boards for employers and job seekers. Online job boards, of course, are nothing new; They are practically as old as the World Wide Web. themselves, and both employers and job seekers have been using the Internet to connect with each other for decades. Today there are countless job boards and it can be difficult to find the best one, especially if you are an employer looking for new talent. Don't worry, here's a roundup of the best job boards for companies to connect with job seekers.

1. Zip Recruiter

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True to its name, ZipRecruiter's goal is to make the recruitment process as quick and easy as possible. ZipRecruiter is not a standalone job board, but it does connect to over 100 other job boards. Employers looking for a job can create a job posting and ZipRecruiter will immediately post it to this huge network of job boards to spread it as widely as possible. But it goes even further: based on the criteria you choose, ZipRecruiter automatically checks potential employees who are a good match for you and invites them to get in touch with you.

ZipRecruiter also makes it easy to manage your applicant pool from the dashboard, allowing you to further categorize and review applicants and decide which applicants will advance to the next stage of the hiring process. Most employers find qualified candidates within a day of posting their job on ZipRecruiter, so this job site lives up to its name, and some even before receiving applications, by using the "Invite to Apply" tool. " of the service, which presents qualified candidates for vacancies. Even before applying, we open jobs for employers, where they can invite people to apply with one click.

ZipRecruiter is also good for job seekers. After signing up, you can customize your profile with your resume, education, skills, job criteria, and other filters. ZipRecruiter then periodically searches existing Internet job boards for jobs that are a good fit for you. As soon as one is found, you will be notified so you can apply right away. You will also receive a daily list of relevant vacancies in your inbox. See the vacancies yourself? No problem: you can do it too. ZipRecruiter saves employers and job seekers a lot of time and effort in the hiring process.

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2. In fact

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In fact, it's the largest and most widely used job board in the world, so it should come as no surprise that it's at the top of our list. It has been one of them for a long job boardsfor professionals looking for a new job, and many smaller third-party job boards and newsletters use the Indeed job feed to summarize their jobs. Of course, this makes Indeed a great job search site for employers who have a wide network looking for new talent.

Prospective employees can create a personalized CV and CV profile, giving them more than just an anonymous job board. Employers can use Indeed to search for resumes of professional job seekers and connect with them. Unlike many job boards that require the job seeker to log in, Indeed is more of a two-way deal. This is useful because it allows companies to select and interact with potential employees, a boon for companies looking for talent and want to take a more active approach. You can conduct virtual interviews and organize your candidate pool directly on the website or mobile app.

The Indeed search engine has been expanded for job seekers. When looking for a job, you can narrow your search criteria by field of work, location, seniority (part-time, full-time, contract, etc.), starting salary, etc., making it relatively easy to filter job postings it may not be a good fit for what you are looking for. Overall, Indeed is arguably the best job search website for both employers and job seekers, and being the most popular makes it a great place to start.

3. LinkedIn

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Like In fact, LinkedIn is another candidate for the list of major job boards. However, LinkedIn works a bit differently in that it is largely structured as a social networking site designed for businesses and professionals. Its goal is to allow companies and employees to connect with each other, not just for job applications, but also to connect with other professionals in their field, a resource that has obvious benefits that go beyond simply looking for a new job.

While the focus is on professional networking, LinkedIn also offers a job board. Employers can post job openings here and LinkedIn users can search and apply for jobs. Employers can also search for currently available employees. LinkedIn is also one of them.The best mobile applications for job search, which is useful since it is built similar to a social networking site. You network and talk to potential employers and other professionals in your area. So it's nice to be able to do everything from your phone or tablet, even when you're on the go.

If you're looking for a job, LinkedIn can use your resume and job preferences to automatically search for open positions and notify you when there is a position that may be a good fit for your skills. Of course, you can also manually search for openings and filter jobs by salary range, tenure, and other details, and then apply through your personal profile. It is not always necessary to attach and submit your resume and resume. Your LinkedIn profile is a great place to organize all your references, education, and work experience, and even show potential employers examples of your portfolio.

4. monster

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When it comes to brand awareness, few job boards really care about Monster was one of the first examples of online job boards, dating back to the dotcom era. Although Monster is no longer the leader these days and has stiff competition, it is still one of the top job boards for employees and potential employers in 2022.

For employers, Monster has its own job board, but also distributes its news to hundreds of local news sites across the country. This creates quite a wide net and there is no limit to the number of people who can subscribe to your listings. You get full access to Monster's extensive catalog of job descriptions and listing templates to further streamline the search process, and you can search for available candidates yourself.

As with most major job boards, professional job seekers can upload their resumes to Monster and search for jobs on the job board based on criteria such as starting salary, hours worked, specialty, and other details. Monster also offers some tips and advice on job hunting, salary negotiation, and interviewing. Monster also has a really cool mobile app that lets you "swipe" job cards to quickly apply or submit jobs that show up in your feed.

5. Glass door

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Glassdoor is something unique in the workplace landscape. While it does offer job postings, it is also a review site of sorts, similar to Yelp. Employees can share their experiences and insights related to the work they've done for companies, giving job seekers a deeper research experience. When you search for jobs on Glassdoor, you don't just see things like base salary, seniority, location, etc. You also see leadership ratings, employee recommendations, and overall satisfaction ratings from people who work or have worked at those companies.

For businesses, Glassdoor offers a unique set of opportunities to build their reputation, promote their brand, and attract top talent. The difference with many other job boards is that it is the employer's job to target specialists. If you're looking to attract the best people in your field, Glassdoor can give you the edge you need to differentiate yourself in a market where competition for talent has been fierce of late.

With Glassdoor, you can post more than just a job ad. You tell future employeesBecauseThey should work at your company, and they can also learn more about how to improve the employee experience (which, of course, makes it easier to attract the best people to work). If other job sites aren't helping you find the talent you need, or if you're looking for a job but want to see more information about who you might work for than you normally would on simple job sites, Glassdoor is your solution. for you.

6. Find a job

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While job boards are useful, they can be overwhelming for both employers and job seekers. When you're dealing with literally millions of job postings and applicants, sorting everything can be a chore, even if you can use search filters to narrow your search. You can still edit hundreds or thousands of leads, not to mention duplicate listings or outdated posts that haven't been updated. This can cause a great waste of time and mental energy.

Getwork aims to make things a bit simpler. Rather than being a standalone job search website or aggregating jobs from other websites, Getwork pulls available jobs directly from company websites. This means that only current and available jobs are advertised, with no duplicates, expired jobs, or other waste of time. Getwork also processes applications directly through company websites, which is convenient and efficient for employers and employees alike.

For companies looking to develop or improve their talent pipeline, Getwork offers customized advertising and recruiting solutions. These include email recruiting campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, and targeted marketing campaigns to help you find the candidates you want from a pool of over 100 million professionals. Getwork offers some new ways to find the best prospects for your business, as well as methods that may be a good option when the quick approach of posting jobs everywhere isn't getting the results you want.

7. Flexible jobs

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Freelancers, contractors, and remote professionals know all too well that searching traditional job boards can be tricky, as most job postings are full-time and/or on-site. As the name suggests, FlexJobs is a bit different. It is a job search site designed specifically for remote workers and freelancers; in other words, those who are flexible in terms of their hours and places of work, and for companies that are looking for such talent.

FlexJobs has been around since 2007. Although the era of remote work has reached its height relatively recently, this site has been thriving for quite some time. It is by far the best platform for employers looking for freelance, remote, part-time, and hybrid workers, as well as job seekers who fall into these categories. This may limit the variety of available career fields you see on FlexJobs; After all, these are jobs that are done primarily online (eg writing, web development, programming, etc.), but that's the expected nature of this type of work.

Another benefit of FlexJobs is that it allows employers to target a group of professionals that can be difficult to reach because they don't care at all for traditional job boards like Indeed or Monster (especially due to the aforementioned difficulty with jobs). remote and offline). ).have self-employed). often with these giant job boards). Online work is not going to disappear either and it will even increase. Even if you still use the other best job boards we've listed, FlexJobs could be an addition to your toolbox if you could use remote support or freelance support for specific projects.

8. Disabled

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A relative newcomer to the world of job search websites, AngelList almost exclusively caters to smaller startups and people willing to work for them. Its talent pool includes more than 8 million candidates from around the world, making it the undisputed top job search site in the startup community. Peloton, Plaid, NerdWallet, DoorDash and Roblox are just a few of the successful startups that have taken advantage of AngelList, making it the number one talent scout in the fast-paced and dynamic startup space.

AngelList's database of ready-to-work professionals spans the globe, so you're not limited to just the US or North America. It's also a good choice for companies looking for remote or freelance workers, as well as job seekers in those categories. You can search for specific job types and skills, and even sort and filter candidates by time zone if needed. Employers can organize, manage and interact with their candidate pools directly from the website.

“Startup” is almost synonymous with “tech” today, and you can be sure that AngelList is a great place for employers and job seekers in tech-related fields. Programmers, software developers, website developers and administrators, sales and marketing professionals - if you can find jobs like this in a startup, AngelList is for you. Please note that AngelList is focused on startups and is probably not suitable for employers or job seekers who are not active in this space (or want to get into this space).

9. exploited

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Even the best job search sites often rely on resumes and work experience to connect employers and job seekers. However, this can lead to some talent being left out. If you're new to the work experience or are an employer looking for new talent that might otherwise be overlooked, Scouted is worth a look. Rather than relying solely on a CV, Scouted takes a more holistic approach to the hiring and search process, aiming to match people and companies not just based on skills and experience, but also on personality and potential.

Through this method, Scouted proposes to increase compatibility between employers and employees. If this sounds like a gimmick or too much like a dating site, let the numbers speak for themselves: Scouted can boast a 95% retention rate thanks to its AI software that matches companies with dating programs. entry-level and mid-level talents. By logging in and creating a profile, job seekers answer a series of questionnaires. Scouted uses this broader approach to create a curated list of prequalified applicants for employers to choose from.

Employers can even create an interview template that applicants can use to record a video of the interview to further narrow down the options. Scouted's job database isn't the largest, but its "quality over quantity" hiring approach sets Scouted apart from the crowd on the job boards and adds a more human touch to the entire hiring process (which we all know it's stressful and time consuming). in the best case).

What is the best US job search website?

It's hard to decide which of these is the best site to build on, but a few stand out. Indeed has by far the largest job database, while LinkedIn is ubiquitous among professionals looking to connect with companies and each other. Either would be a good candidate for the best job search site: Indeed is the best choice for basic job postings in our opinion, and LinkedIn is the best choice for companies and job seekers looking to make connections.

However, a unique site like Indeed may not be the best option.aresituation, although it can be considered the best in general. For example, if you want to lead a startup or get hired by a startup, AngelList is your best option. On the other hand, if the standard job boards are too impersonal for you and you're looking for a more curated approach to finding talent or work, then Glassdoor and Scouted might be a better option.

Remote workers and freelancers looking for more flexible benefits are better served with FlexJobs, just another example of where a site like Indeed or Monster can overwhelm. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which of the top job boards best suits your business or career goals.

What is the most heavily used construction site in the US?

Indeed is by far the most visited job board in the US, which is why it tops our list. It covers almost every career field and, with over 130 million potential applicants, has by far the largest workforce. Another thing to consider with Indeed is that the parent company operates other job boards, including Glassdoor. Not only is Indeed the number one job site in the US, but their listings also end up on other sites and reach potential clients who don't use Indeed at all.

The listings on the Indeed website are pretty impressive, but considering how many job boards their Indeed feeds aggregate, it's clear that it's the best by numbers. One of the main advantages continues to be its simplicity; While other job boards have details like personality quizzes and AI-powered compatibility checks, Indeed's interface has remained largely the same since its inception. This ease of use and low barrier to entry is one of the main reasons Indeed is so popular with employers and job seekers alike, and that is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future.

What is the best place to post jobs in the US?

In fact, it's the obvious choice for employers looking to recruit the widest possible net when recruiting talent. As we mentioned earlier, it is the most widely used job search website in the US, covering virtually all types of businesses. If you insist on only using one job site, you really can't go wrong with Indeed, but if you don't limit yourself to just one job site (and there's really no reason you should), then LinkedIn should combine them. supplements. These can easily be considered the "big two" when it comes to job search websites.

But again, this can depend on your own needs and preferences. ZipRecruiter is another great option to not only search for talent everywhere, but also to do it quickly, while automating much of the pre-interview process. Because time is money, and that also applies to companies. As mentioned, AngelList is the best job board for startups and professional job seekers, while FlexJobs is the place for employers seeking remote and freelance talent. All the best job boards have their own characteristics and strengths that appeal to a specific audience.

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