Part time jobs in Germany (2023)

Part time jobs in Germany (1)

Your 5-step guide to finding part-time jobs in Germany.

A part-time job is a great way to cover the cost of studying abroad. In this article you will find part time job opportunities for international students from India in Germany.

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table of Contents

  • Part-time job in Germany
  • How do international students find a part-time job?
  • What are the rules and restrictions for working as an international student?
  • How do you find a job in Germany?
  • How much do part-time jobs in Germany earn?
  • Do international students have to pay social security contributions in Germany?
  • Do I have to pay taxes as an international student in Germany?
  • What are the best part-time jobs for international students in Germany?
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Part-time job in Germany

Studying abroad can be expensiveand is often associated with considerable costs. However,German universities offer a good working environment for students, since Germany is the largest economy in Europe.

We've put together this guide to part-time work to help you support, and maybe even find, your study abroad experience.Your dream job in Germany!

Why are students looking for a part-time job?

Students in Germany need around 870 euros per month for their living expenses.. In addition, there are semi-annual fees and, depending on the real estate market, higher rents.

work while studyingIt is a good option for many students. A part-time job allows them to continue to focus on their studies while increasing their monthly income and perhaps even supplementing their savings.

A part-time job is not only good for the student's finances. You get to know yourself in different roles (for example, as a member of a team or as an expert) and perhaps also in difficult situations and thus you have the opportunity to get to know yourself better on a personal level. Besides,A part-time job will give your resume a boost: Those who work in parallel to their studies show that they know how to manage their time well and are resilient. It doesn't matter what industry he works in; The most important thing is that you have gained experience in the labor market.

Before inquiring about a student job, you should first read the International Student Terms and Conditions. You can find answers to the most important questions here:

How do international students find a part-time job?

How do you find part-time jobs?

Most of the vacancies can be found inOnline job boards or university bulletin board. Here are some more ideas:

In college

a position likeA research assistant at the university is ideal for students from a non-EU country.. To find such vacancies, you can check the university's notice board or the university's online job fair.scientific staffvonHiwis(= academic assistants) are responsible, for example, for taking care of the library, providing tutoring or researching literature for teachers.

Advice:Ask your friends or classmates if they have any good tips for a job.


Hiwi jobs are great for longer hours because you don't have to stick to the 120/240 day rule. This regulation stipulates that international students from other countries may only work part-time and not more than 120 full days or 240 half days per year.

out of college

To find a part-time job outside of college, you can searchonline job boards, and there are often vacancies in the student work. Sometimes it is worth taking a look at the local and regional newspapers.Typical student jobs outside of the studio are waiters, stock exchange jobs, and courier services.. Tutoring is also a good way for international students to supplement their budget.

About the Federal Employment Agency

The Employment Agency has aJob placement service for students.. There you can also get personalized advice. So it's definitely worth a visit if you're looking for a part-time job!

What are the rules and restrictions for working as an international student?

International students in Germany definitely have the opportunity to do so.earn money while you study. For example, they may work as waitresses, research assistants (for example, preparing research literature), or tutors (for example, in their native language). This is especially interesting for international students who work during their studies, since they can earn extra money or even earn a living.

However,Certain rules and restrictions apply to students from non-European countries in particular.. Please note this as it is extremely important to you if you are not from the European Union:

  • Restricted work hours:International students can work120 full days or 240 half days per year. This means they cannot accept consecutive full-time positions for one year.

Annotation:If you want to work more, you need a permit from the employment office and the immigration office. The only exception is working as a research assistant (scientific assistant). This can be done indefinitely. However, this must be reported to the immigration authorities and university rules must also be respected.

  • restricted employment:independence yesnoallowed for international students.


Foreign students attending a high school or a language course can only work during the semester holidays with the permission of the immigration authorities (IO and Federal Employment Agency).

How do you find a job in Germany?

In Germany there are many part-time jobs.

There are many job opportunities for Indian students or other foreign students studying abroad:

1. Look at the job market

Take a look at the regional job market: after you have looked at the job postings for international students at your local employment office, online job portals, local newspapers or university notice boards and have found exciting offers, it's time to apply!

2. Apply for relevant part-time jobs in Germany

Just like German students, in most cases you need to apply via email and include a CV and motivation letter with your application documents. In Germany,A good cover letter helps a lot.and it can also be useful for part-time jobs.

Part time jobs in Germany (2)

3. Make a good impression in the interview.

Have you invited one of the job offers for which you applied to a personal interview? Try to make a good impression and, if necessary, talk about your previous experiences on the site. It can also be of great help if you mention that you are taking or have taken a German course.

4. Get the job

Have you been offered a job by any of the student jobs or part-time jobs you are applying for? Take advantage of this opportunity! Once you have clarified some framework conditions with your employer, such as your working hours, you can start working part-time while studying abroad!

5. Use the work permit after graduation

If students want to findfull time workIn Germany, after studying abroad, you can use your student visa to obtain a residence permit for 18 months after your studies. This also allows them to work full-time in any type of activity and at the same time start their career in Germany! please consider thatYou must apply for a work visa once you have found professional employment..

Would you like to study in Germany?

Part time jobs in Germany (3)

Discover valuable tips on how to apply to a German university, details on how to apply for your student visa and much more in our guide.

How much do part-time jobs in Germany earn?

In Germany there is a minimum wage. Since July 1, 2021, it has been €9.60 an hour andit is expected to increase to €10.45 in July 2022. However, how much you earn largely depends on your own skills, the industry, and the regional job market. in cities likeMunichInHamburgHourly wages tend to be higher, but so is the cost of living. For scientific assistants, industrial production assistants, or trade show clerks, the median hourly wage is typically slightly higher than the minimum wage.

The highest paying part-time jobs in Germany

Are you looking for a lucrative job? These are theThe highest paying part-time jobs in Germany for students:

  1. investigator
  2. Research Assistants/Research Assistants
  3. Support staff
  4. Teaching English as an English teacher.
  5. Industrial production assistants.
Part time jobs in Germany (4)

Do international students have to pay social security contributions in Germany?

You only have to pay social security contributions if you have a full-time permanent job in the country.Anyone who works permanently in Germany pays the following contributions: health insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance and long-term care insurance.

Advice:Keep your employment below or the same20 hours per week. Only in this way will you not violate the rules of the university and you will not have to pay any insurance contribution. If, like all German students, you work longer hours, you will have to pay certain insurance contributions.

Do I have to pay taxes as an international student in Germany?

Students can earn the most€450 per month without taxes. However, as soon as they regularly exceed this limit, they will have to pay taxes. You will receive the tax number automatically by post after you have received your residence permit and registered your place of residence with the municipality. Be sure to keep this letter.


Students can claim this amount at the end of the year after filing their taxes.

What are the best part-time jobs for international students in Germany?

These jobs are ideal for international students:

1. Student assistant

One ofJobs most popular among international students.It's that of a student assistant. The reasons are obvious: you work at the university, often in a field related to your studies, and you can do it.Easily combine your work hours with your studies. Employment as a student assistant generally offers the opportunity to work regularly during the semester and reduce work hours during the exam period.

Your tasks as a student assistant can be very different. Depending on the institute you are assigned to, you will work on experiments, create teaching materials, provide administrative support, or work on theory projects.

The salary range for this position isaround €10 to €17 per hour.

2. Teacher

If the content of a seminar in your course is particularly important to you and you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, this position could be of great value to you.A tutor organizes courses that go deeper into the study content as an exercise.. Professors prepare the content themselves or receive support from professors or other university staff.

You must have the ability to teach and speak freely and have a strong interest in the subject. Also, you should be prepared for any prior questions and therefore have a thorough knowledge of the subject.

His salary is comparable to that of a student assistant, since he works as one.

3. messenger

Now groceries, clothes, books, medicine and almost everything we need every day can be delivered right to our doorstep.As a courier you will find a job very quicklybecause they are always necessary. As an international student, you will most likely deliver by bike, so you need to be physically fit for the job. Some delivery services also use electric bikes. Your work schedule depends on your employer, but it can last until late at night.

Your salary is paid by the hour or by delivery, depending on the company. Also, many customers give you a small tip that you can use to supplement your salary. as a rule,Courier drivers earn between 9 and 12 euros per hour..

4. Waiting tables

Being a waitress can be a job that serves as a communicative balance to study all day at a desk. You usually work in the afternoons, nights and weekends in bars or restaurants so that work does not collide with your studies. Some days work can be quite stressful, but having a lot of guests means big tips. Actually, this is the biggest advantage of the job, because in almost no other job tips are as important.

But superiors know this too and for this reason they often pay no more than 10 euros per hour.However, on a good day, it's not uncommon to earn more tips than higher-paying student jobs..

5. Part-time jobs for English speakers

If you speak German, your chances of getting a job increase significantly. Anyway,There are also part-time jobs on the labor market that work well for English speakers with little or no knowledge of German.. All of the above tasks can be done even if you only speak English.

Although it can be difficult to work as a waitress in English in the countryside, this should not be a problem in big cities like Berlin. If you speak English, it is easier to find a job in big cities.


The decision on which part-time job to apply for should mainly depend on your personal interests. As an international student, you should do the same.Be careful not to violate any rules regarding your visa status.. Time as a student assistant is often a good time to get a taste of later professional life. Not only do you earn a few extra euros in your bank account, you also improve your CV and your professional and social skills.

Part time jobs in Germany (5)

Frequently asked questions

Which city is best for a part-time job in Germany?

Big cities like Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich or Berlin offer the best part-time opportunities for students, as many jobs are only offered in English.

How much can a student earn in Germany?

Students can earn up to 450 euros a month with a part-time job and without paying taxes. On average, students who work 20 hours a week earn between 10 and 12 euros per hour. This corresponds to a total of about 960 euros per month.

How many hours are there part-time in Germany?

When working part-time in Germany, it is advisable to work less than 20 hours, as more work means health insurance contributions, nursing care and unemployment.

What are the most common part-time jobs for international students in Germany?

During their studies and also in the period free from classes, many international students in Germany look for a part-time job. The most popular is working as:
- Scientific Assistant
- Library Assistant
- tutorial assistant
- Waiter waitress
- Delivery man


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