Best Consulting Firms in Chicago in 2023 (2023)

The demands of a generation are constantly increasing and so is the business. Since there are many areas and companies, they need constant help. And this is where consulting firms come in.

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What is a consulting company?

A consulting firm is a company run by experts in a specific field who provide expert guidance, practical advice and solutions to problems that cannot be dealt with in-houseBusiness. In any business there are always problems, that's why consultants are hired.

There are also companies that specialize in a variety of businesses and practices such as: B. Finance, Advertising, Healthcare, Engineering, Architecture,Technology, and even the public sector. Chicago has a number of these, and if you and your business are based in Chicago, you could benefit from a consulting firm.

Some of the best Chicago consulting firms can help you with most practices, from problems in your business to improvements in your business. And we've listed them for you!

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list ofBest Consulting Firms in Chicago

  • Anchor Advisor
  • IAR advice
  • KPMG
  • Synergy
  • The Augustus Group
  • Cave Marketing
  • Sherman
  • Vendedorlit
  • Peterson-Schneider
  • Get real XR
  • they are blue
  • A3 Ambient
  • bathroom
  • industry response
  • Folding seat
  • CBS System Corporation
  • cultivate advisers
  • paro
  • BCG

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Best Consulting Firms in Chicago

1.Anchor Advisor

Anchor Advisors helps entrepreneurs with 10-100 employees grow, move with confidence and make decisions faster. They provide their clients with a solid foundation for growth by helping them strengthen the four pillars of their business: Purpose, People, Process and Key Performance Indicators.

They have materials, blogs and case studies to learn more about businesses and how to grow them. Other than that, this is one of the most trusted boutique consulting firms in Chicago.,and offer tailor-made services for companies.

2.IAR advice

Everyone on the IAR team has led high growth companies. This combination of executive-level management experience and corporate recruitment expertise makes it one of Chicago's premier consulting firms.

They meet with stakeholders interview-style to learn more about the details of the need and ultimately set the evaluation criteria. They use a set of tools that can be used over and over again as they scale the client, allowing them to hire better candidates sooner, even after the contract ends.


KPMG's advisory arm, KPMG Advisory, also has offices in Chicago. KPMG focuses on strategy and risk consulting, negotiation consulting and management consulting. You will work for clients in areas such as data analysis, operations, technology, digital transformation, risk management and corporate strategy.

Their knowledge-based approach makes them one of Chicago's premier consulting firms, empowering the forward-thinking organization to achieve their goals quickly and confidently.


A fully integrated creative marketing agency and one of Chicago's premier consulting firms, Synergy is a pioneering organization at the forefront of ideas, concept, marketing and technology. It constantly reinvents the service standard and delivers superior performance.

Basically, they bridge the gap between classic consulting and creative agencies. Sales process enablement, organizational structure, e-commerce and product strategy are key areas of focus for management consulting.

5.The Augustus Group

The Chicago Advice The company focuses on the office business, Grupo Auctus offers growth opportunities to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. They provide clients with the administrative, operational and financial support they need so surgeons and physicians can focus on what they love while we take care of the bottom line.

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6.Cave Marketing

Grotto Marketing is a strategic marketing firm and one of Chicago's premier consulting firms focused on working with entrepreneurial clients. His basic approach is to follow a step-by-step process of strategy, planning and method of execution.

They see marketing as a top-down effort. They believe that companies benefit most when they have a clear understanding of how everything fits together. Therefore, it is his job to provide both technical guidance and practical implementation.


In addition to public relations, they are also among the Chicago business consulting firms for startups. To understand and solve their problems, they use a holistic approach. The company has a team of experienced storytellers, marketers and business consultants all rolled into one.

They can help you if you are launching a new service, product or an entire company, changing your company name, wanting to stand out from the crowd and communicate more effectively with your audience, and much more.


They are Amazon experts and one of the most trusted Chicago management consulting firm.Sellerlit can launch the product and manage the account. They have released products across all Amazon categories including Sports, Grocery, Home & Kitchen, Automotive and more.

Services offered include product research and validation, supplier selection and sourcing, logistics, supplier account management and more.


His work builds on more than 20 years of hands-on experience selling and building, leading and managing large sales teams in Chicago, Boston and San Diego and is recognized as one of Chicago's premier consulting firms.

You will work with clients who need B2B, professional, technical and creative services. In order to achieve sustainable growth and predictable income, the company strives to further develop its customers' earnings compass. In addition, advisory-based membership gives customers access to the online community, content library, monthly book club, monthly contributor emails, and quarterly insights.

10Get real XR

Get Real XR consults in Chicago and works with industry-leading partners to offer clients fully immersive technical solutions. These solutions focus on data visualization, technical and soft skills training, collaboration, events, and other areas.

If you're interested in getting into the Metaverse but don't know where to start, they offer training and advice to ensure your organization can use these technologies to improve the way you work.

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11they are blue

Blue Bist is one of Chicago's trusted business consulting firms..They offer comprehensive and customized solutions for the benefit of local companies, industry leaders and individuals. This means they take a personalized approach to helping small businesses show their creative side.

Market strategy and product management are just some of the many solutions offered by the services, which also offer support in the acquisition and development of state-of-the-art software.most modern solutionsseco

12A3 Ambient

This is a small, full-service, woman-owned business focused on providing quality environmental services. Customers include private companies as well as federal, state and local governments.

They conduct due diligence, site assessments, and remediation across the United States. In today's complex regulatory environment, they also offer complete solutions to environmental problems. It is one of the few consulting firms in Chicago dedicated to environmental issues.


Bain is without a doubt one of the leading consulting firms in Chicago. Bain Chicago's clients range from Fortune 1000 companies to medium-sized Midwestern companies. Social work, especially educational reform, is also emphasized here. Its customers are companies involved in consumer goods, energy and natural resources, healthcare, manufacturing, financial services and other sectors.

14industry response

The Reply Group company offers state-of-the-art, technology-based solutions for customers' most demanding supply chain and supply chain needs. Through comprehensive consulting and technology solutions, Industrie Reply helps its customers to achieve maximum efficiency by focusing on Industry 4.0 methods.

Supply Chain Execution (SCE), Manufacturing/Internet of Things and Customer Experience (Cx) are Industrie Reply's three main areas of competence. This makes it one of the best consulting firms in Chicago.

15.Folding seat

JumpSeat provides powerful, revenue-generating equipment for rapidly expanding technology companies. They understand the need to market and solve problems, to take a stand in some way. This approach helps the customer to see themselves better in the market.

They are an experienced group of strategic advisors who have led highly successful court teams. Through a wide range of highly interactive and proven methods, they improve and align all members of the marketing, sales, business development and partnership teams.

sixteen.CBS System Corporation

CBS System Corporation develops digital growth strategies for companies. They offer free top-notch customer relationship management system, sales and lead generation tools, email marketing services, e-commerce solution and development, domain registration with web hosting, and other services.

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It's not just one of Chicago business consulting firms, but it also helps small and medium-sized businesses increase growth, efficiency and profitability by providing a comprehensive web solution.

17cultivate advisers

They've helped thousands of companies in over 200 different industries around the world achieve average sales and profit growth of 65%. Management consultants become more than just trainers or consultants. Rather than impacting your business, they work with you to develop a growth strategy and pace of growth that meets your ever-evolving needs as you grow.

Cultivate Advisors is also one of Chicago's trusted advisory firms. In addition, the company provides solutions for revenue and profit growth, talent management, marketing, leadership and performance improvement.


FORVIS emerged from the merger of equal partners Dixon Hughes Goodman, LLP (DHG) and BKD, LLP. He is driven by a commitment to use his innovative vision to create unparalleled customer experiences.

It is also one of Chicago's premier consulting firms, employing more than 5,400 dedicated professionals serving clients in all 50 states. FORVIS' insurance, tax, consulting and wealth management services will be comprehensive.


Paro is a growth platform and one of Chicago's premier consulting firms, bringing together business and talent. Your goal is to solve immediate problems and develop a strategy for long-term success. Paro connects companies with the right experts and solutions to solve problems and drive growth. He is driven by his own deep knowledge of the AI ​​industry and technology.

The community of accounting and finance professionals offers clients a wide range of services, from bookkeeping and accounting to highly specialized business development and strategic advice.


Due to the high volume and variety of client work, BCG Chicago offers more opportunities than is typical in the consulting industry. Pro bono projects, including work in education, economic development, the environment, social services and the arts, are also a major draw here.

Many consultants work with clients both within and outside the Chicago area, but may also travel internationally or within the United States. BCG Chicago's informal and collaborative culture is based on an entrepreneurial and creative atmosphere with clients. This also makes it one of the top consulting firms in Chicago.


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A consultant is someone who is an expert in a specific area of ​​the business, such as B. increasing sales, streamlining management, improving network security or defining corporate strategy. There are management consulting firms in almost every industry and in every location in the world. As a result, numerous companies can be found in US cities like Chicago. The number of companies in a region is largely responsible for its existence.

However, it is difficult to select a company and determine whether it is suitable or not. That is exactly the purpose of the list above! These Chicago business consulting firms have a wealth of experience. So now you can make the right choice.


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