Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (2023)

what is an accordion

The accordion is onMusical instrumentbrings together the four elements: the pressed key, the bellows, the reeds and the wind. That's why it's soconsidered a wind instrument, since air is the main source of noise. It can also be classified as a woodwind and bellows instrument, as both the wood and the bellows are the fundamental parts for sound production.

However, it cannot be classified as a wind and harpsichord instrument because they do not have a hammer system that excites the strings or wind. On the other hand, like other wind instruments, the keys only redirect the sound to form the musical notes, therefore, they are a secondary and not a primary mechanism for the release of air and the generation of the conduction of the main sound.

History and development of the accordion

this musical instrumentwas first patented in the 19th centuryCentury. It was created by Cyrill Demian, an Austrian musician and inventor who contributed to the accordion as it is known today. Demian soon relinquished the patent, however, as many other luthiers made major contributions to the instrument's mechanics and form.

However, the oldest form of this instrument dates from around 1100-1200 BC. from the time of the Chinese Shang or Yin dynasty. That oneSheng, one of the oldest known Chinese instruments, is themost distant ancestor of the accordion, but there are others:

  • Sheng:It is a free reed instrument believed to be the most distant ancestor of the accordion. It has tubes and a mouthpiece for blowing, but no bellows.
  • Mundharmónika:An ancestor of the modern harmonica with a similar construction. From this, violin makers derived design principles for integrating multitonal metallic reeds.
  • Andaoli:Very little is known about this instrument. The truth is that according to some records it was the first to contain a small bellows.

Luthiers who contributed to the development of the modern accordion were:

  • Cirilo Demian:He was the first to create the shape that most closely resembles the modern accordion. His instrument had five keys and a small bellows that produced five opening and five closing chords, enough for the musical accompaniment of his folk music.
  • Isoard Mathieu:This luthier changed Demian's chord production so that each key produced individual notes in both the opening and closing.
  • Lack:he was the first to add altered tones and thus the chromatic function accordion was born.
  • Malhaus Bauer:He approximated the accordion to the form of a piano. He replaced the buttons with piano-shaped keys, calling it "the accordion of the vulgar". Thus, it became possible to bring something resembling a piano or organ to the masses.
  • An unknown violin makerIn 1880 he added the first bass keys on the right side to produce richer chords. This is the form it has endured to this day, and changes continue to be made to it.

for accordions

It is a complex instrument in form, combining switch or knob mechanisms with a bellows to capture and distribute wind. That's why we divided its components into external and internal.

External parts of the accordion

  • Piano keys or melody keys:are on the left and are formed by the notes of a scale ranging from two to five octaves, like a piano.
  • Harmony Ringtones Ringtones:produce bass sounds to create a harmonic base on which to work the melody.
  • key texture:located on the left side of the accordion and above the melodic keys. They are used to control the instrument's registration.
  • harmonic box:It consists of two parts located at each end of the accordion and connected by the bellows.
  • Balm:the mechanism popularly known as "accordion shape". It is the part that contracts and expands and has the function of sucking in and expelling air in a controlled way.
  • seal bellows:Handle to close the mechanism when not in use.
  • Roof tile:Window through which air enters through the bellows.

Accordion inner parts

  • White hair:They have the function of controlling the sound emission. Nowadays, each melodic key has two or even three reeds.
  • Absorption Mode:Located inside the circuit board.
  • Mechanical key and button system:the most complex part of the entire accordion and consists of two parts, one for harmony and one for melody. it connects to the bellows to make a different sound when opening and closing the bellows.
  • foundations:Valves responsible for the distribution of the air column and its division into several parts for the different musical notes.
  • is silent:Pads located on the keys and other parts of the accordion. They prevent the mechanics from squeaking during operation and stabilize the sound resonance.

accordion operation

As a wind instrument, it works according to the principle of absorption for subsequent air flow and distribution. Air enters through the main nozzle and is transferred to the two parts of the speaker. It is then manipulated through the action of the keys or buttons that stimulate the reeds.

In this way, the necessary air column is filtered for each of the musical notes to be reached. Within this processAir intake and subsequent ejection occur by opening and closing the bellows🇧🇷 Through this process you control the amount of air, the duration of the sound and even the volume you want.

accordion guys

Accordions can be classified by the type of buttons and the staff that composes them.

By type of buttons

  • Piano:It has the widest range and its keys are like piano keys.
  • Knopf:Its mechanism is made up of circular knobs and is the one with the lowest tonal expansion.

Nach Rating System

  • Diatonic:The function of this accordion is its main feature, as each key produces two sounds, one when the bellows opens and another when it closes.
  • Chromatic:Here you'll find the keys for natural, sustained tones without having to vary the bellows movement. They can have piano keys or just buttons on the left side, while both have circular buttons on the right side.

The best accordionists

Determining the best accordionists depends on the continent and which side of the hemisphere you are on. So we do take some liberties, and while we won't mix them all in one bowl, we will try not to take liberties because one musical style or background is inferior or superior to another.

chamber accordionists

  • Gorka Hermosa:This Spanish musician is considered the first accordionist to perform a concert with a symphony orchestra. He has a complete academic background and takes his accordion music to different parts of the world.
  • Stefan Hussong:was a German accordionist who excelled in the chamber music repertoire. His compositions, rich in harmonic progressions, deserve special mention.
  • Maria Kalaniemi:Finnish composer of great rhythmic and harmonic wealth who dedicated her career to chamber and folk music.
  • Your private:excellent accordionist, considered one of the references for the interpretation of suites.
  • Theodore Anzellotti:was an Italian accordionist specializing in Italian pop and chamber music.


  • Astor Piazzolla:Argentine accordionist best known for his harmonic tango compositions.
  • Luis Barreira:This Chilean artist dedicated his life to the development of tango and made great contributions to its harmonic structure.
  • Rodolfo Medeiros:He is one of the greatest representatives of Argentine tango and director of the course "Technical Elements of Tango Language".

Vallenato accordionists

  • Israel Romero:best known for his career with the group "Binomio de Oro". His agility and ability to compose complex harmonies even for the most experienced chamber accordionist made him one of the great names of this style of music.
  • Gilberto Alejandro Duran:He was the first accordionist to win the legendary Vallenato Accordion Festival.
  • Omar Geles:currently recognized as one of the greatest of all time...
  • Alfredo Gutierrez:He is known as "The Accordion Monster" for having won the Vallenato Legend Accordion Festival three times.
  • Taker Tey:Colombian-Lebanese who was crowned King of Vallenato 34 times in Colombian parties.

accordionists of northern music

  • Ramon Ayala:His real name is Ramón Covarrubias Garza and he is considered the greatest exponent of the northern accordion.
  • Eugene Abrego:Nicknamed the "Accordion Wizard of the North", his ability to reach Mexican crowds was undeniable.
  • Paulinho Vargas:A distinguished northern soloist and composer, his technical innovation led him to create new forms of northern music.
  • Juan Torres:He earned the respect of the great musicians of his time not for his great technique, but for his ability to convey his feelings through his instrument.

best accordion brands

  • Höhner:This company has been making the highest quality reeds and wind instruments since 1957. Their accordions are among the best in the world.
  • Startton:is a company dedicated to building affordable instruments for kids and budding musicians. His plays are very good and much appreciated by beginners.
  • Roland:This Japanese company specializes in pianos, digital keyboards and other keyboard instruments. But they've also invested a lot of time and experience in making equipment of exceptional quality.
  • World champion:It is considered one of the reference brands in the manufacture of excellent accordions. They sell worldwide from their headquarters in Germany.
  • Superintendent:This is the most popular accordion maker in Slovenia. Their musical instruments are handcrafted and perhaps of the highest quality and most respected in the world.
  • Classic Cantabile:is a brand that manufactures cheap instruments exclusively for beginners or amateurs who enjoy music but don't want to spend a lot of money on it.
  • Scandal:its musical instruments are almost exclusive, so much so that a beginner accordion can be worth more than 2,000 euros.
  • Rossetti:is another exclusive instrument brand that only offers luxury accordions for professional musicians.

The best accordions for kids:

  1. Startone Puck Kinderakkordeon Rot
  2. Startone Maja 48 Blue Accordion

The best accordions for beginners:

  1. Startone 72 Blue Piano Akkordeon
  2. Akkordeon Piano Startone 120 BK

Best Intermediate Accordions:

  1. Roland FR-1XBK
  2. World Champion Agate 34/80/III/5/3 Black

Best Intermediate Accordion:

  1. Zupan ALPE IV 96 MH Helikon

The best accordions for kids

We know that children are often attracted to the accordion, asthis instrument awakens in them a certain curiosity🇧🇷 Be it the set of keys or the bellows, they find this mechanism impressive and attractive. That's why we've selected two excellent children's accordions that are perfect as an instrument for beginners.

Startone Puck Kinderakkordeon Rot

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (1)

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (2)

Good value for money. Resistant.

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (3)

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The field is a little short. The sound leaves something to be desired. Made from cheap materials.

Technical features:

  • Materials:ABS plastic, copper, aluminum, synthetic leather, fabric, kraft paper, stainless steel.
  • Number of keys:22 treble and 8 bass.
  • Sonar:7 out of 10.
  • he writes:Piano.
  • Weight: 2.5kg.

Startone is one of those companies that doesn't disappoint. Although they offer inexpensive instruments for beginners, they always cover the basic needs that allow students to develop their musical skills. This is the case of the Startone Puck Kids Accordion, as it has acceptable construction and features that make it aversatile instrument, ideal for learningHis first accordion songs.


It's made from inexpensive materials like ABS plastic throughout the outer casing and piano-like keys. However, this material is strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of a beginner player who is still learning to play and care for the instrument.

The internal terminals are bronze with brass support., which are also considered cheap materials. But we have to point out that bronze is quite durable because it does not rust. Brass is more prone to damage, but since it's internal to the instrument, it shouldn't be a problem.

In terms ofprotect yourselfThere is kraft paper inside for each fold. This material is widely used even in mid-range and mid-high range instruments. So you shouldn't worry as it is a kraft paper with design properties for industrial use in electrical parts, mechanical engines and of course accordions.

Finally, the bellows support rods are made of aluminum and steel. This offers two important elements such as weight reduction and oxidation resistance. We must remember that the accordion works with air and this is mainly made up of oxygen, so it can rust faster than any other musical instrument.


this is an accordionfor children aged five to nine🇧🇷 That's why it has 22 keys covering two half octaves from C to E and a full octave from C to B for the high notes.

Similar,Basses span a full octave🇧🇷 Thus, the beginner musician has a good extension to learn his first accordion songs. Some of the recommended parts arethe mornings andCarnival in Venice.

As for the dimensions, it is 32 cm high, 18 cm wide and weighs about 2.5 kg. It also has a shiny, pearly red finish that, with proper care, can last a long time, with that fresh-out-of-the-box look.


The first thing we notice about the sound is thisIt is a little hard🇧🇷 It sounds slow and, due to its range of only an octave and a half, it offers little room for midtones. This is not a problem as it is an extremely affordable accordion for beginners.

Lift is also reduced by the strapping paper and bellows. Timethe reverb is of good qualityand gives a touch of tango. The volume is acceptable and allows little musicians to show their skills to the whole family. Overall, it's not bad considering it's an inexpensive instrument for kids.


The Startone Puck Kids Accordion is an instrument that meets our expectations and has the necessary characteristics for children to start in the world of music. The construction is as expected considering the price, while the sound is acceptable and allows the learning of first chamber compositions. However, we believe it works best in tango and traditional Italian and French music. Interested? Find the best prices onThomann.

Startone Maja 48 Blue Accordion

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (4)

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (5)

It has three registers and the sound in each one is of great quality.

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (6)

The bellows are made from cheap materials. It's a little heavy for a child.

Technical features:

  • Materials:ABS plastic, copper, aluminum, synthetic leather, fabric, kraft paper, stainless steel.
  • Number of keys:22 treble and 8 bass.
  • Sonar:9 out of 10.
  • he writes:Piano.
  • Weight: 6kg.

Startone exceeds our expectations in terms of mid/low range and offers a product with this sound quality. The Maja 48 is an accordion withexcellent performanceThis puts it in the middle of the field, although the materials used in its construction are still low cost.


Like the Startone Puck Kids, the Maja 48 is also an instrument withABS box and key, although of greater density. This is not only noticeable in the instrument's considerable weight, but when looking at the case you'll notice that the plastic is thicker.

Regarding the bellows, it also containspaper maketo expand this part on the instrument. The upholstery is made of fabric, the joints are made of peach skin and leatherette. The structure of the bellows is aluminum with stainless steel, making it a low-cost instrument, although its resistance and durability are considerable.

However, users have reported that the construction of the bellows is solid despite the cheap materials. Beside,The structure of the tabs is of good qualityas the main support is made of aluminum and the handles are made of stainless steel with copper. This not only reduces weight, but also provides optimal durability and sound quality.


While it is true that the materials are those of a low-end accordion, it must be recognized that its design is absolutely intermediate. Above all, it presents atwo-octave pitch rangeon the piano keys. It also has a lower B note and a higher C key.

It also has 48 bass buttons, enough to explore the most complex chamber music compositions in the repertoire. As if that weren't enough, this piano accordion features three registration keys for three different tones, providing great versatility.

The finish is ultra-glossy and resembles mother-of-pearl, giving it a phenomenal aesthetic. It weighs 6 kg and when closed measures 49 cm long, 42.1 cm high and 24.9 cm wide. Thanks to these resources, is ideal for children between nine and twelve years oldalt.


We really like the sound.this accordion, as it is very good for the price of the instrument. It has three registers. That oneMaestroOffers a round sound with good reverberation and acceptable harmonics. The sound frequency of violin keys is round, creamy and very warm. This makes it particularly suitable for interpreting pieces from the Romantic period and Argentine tango.

On the clarinet key, the sound has a high-quality reverberation, and the volume is also remarkable. This board is best suitedItalian and French folk compositions.🇧🇷 it's also good forBaroque period piecesbecause it imitates very well the sound of the organ, which was the instrument of choice at the time.


There are several elements that stand out in this instrument. Despite being made from low-cost materials, the sound and performance are in between. Therefore, the price of this accordion is higher than Startone Puck Kids. We recommendfor 9-12 year olds who want to explore other sounds and a wider range, in addition to timbre variations that benefit compositions from the Baroque and Romantic periods, Argentine tango and European folklore. If you are interested, check out the best dealsThomann.

If you don't like the color, Startone also offers48 plunger in redit's at48 plunger in black🇧🇷 These have the same characteristics but with a different shade to better suit your child's personality.

The best accordions for beginners.

We now move on to the low-end adult accordions, and we do so again describing two pieces by Startone, a Thomann Musikhaus brand. Our interest in this brand stems from the fact that its accordions are theThe best value on the market.

Startone 72 Blue Piano Akkordeon

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (7)

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (8)

The versatility impresses and the cost-effectiveness is even better.

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (9)

Some models may go out of tune when the bellows is closed.

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Technical features:

  • Materials:ABS plastic, copper, aluminum, synthetic leather, fabric, kraft paper, stainless steel.
  • Number of keys:34 treble and 72 bass.
  • Sonar:9 out of 10.
  • he writes:Piano.
  • Weight: 8.5kg.

Again, we chose a Startone product for its price and quality. If you think that these instruments do not meet the expectations of the most demanding musicians, this accordion may surprise you, as its performance and sound are excellent.


Unlike the children's accordions we've tested, the bellows of this Startone piano accordion are made from cellulose-compacted kraft paper and a polypropylene cover. fallgreater resistance to torsionand also makes it much more resistant to moisture.

Bellows are made of polyester with added polyurethanewaterproof and capable of withstanding high force loads and temperatures🇧🇷 It is a type of fabric used in semi-industrial bellows and for fires in boilers or domestic chimneys. Your eyelashes are made of copper, a material that is slightly corrosive and less likely to accumulate natural grease from oxygen. It has an aluminum base and stainless steel bellows structure.

The housing is made of carbon-reinforced ABS.and has a steel construction in important parts. The rivets are made of stainless steel to strengthen the structure and improve the instrument's durability.


It has a pitch range of two octaves and two half octaves, allowing the musician to explore melodic possibilities with great sound. On the bass front, it has 72 for nearly endless possibilities, and it also has seven registers. This opens up the possibility of two octaves down and an octave up on the piano keys, as well as an octave down and an octave up on the bass buttons. Offers a total of six octaves.

It weighs 8.5 kg and measures 41 cm x 19 cm x 43 cm (length, width and height respectively). It has a matte pearlescent blue finish.


The sound is very goodthanks to the quality of the material of the reeds and the configuration possibilities in its range or range. The reverberation ofMaestroThe register (white knob) is very good and has a balance with the volume making it a sonic delight. The bass register knob on the piano keys offers two lower octaves that add rich harmonic depth to melodies, while the upper octave offers a balanced sound.

The natural sounding response of all 72 keys is in the bass controlskeep rich🇧🇷 However, the lower and higher octaves are not used all the time, so you may find them unnecessary on many occasions. Overall, it's an instrument that offers balanced transitions throughout its range. The passages are quite balanced and the volume is not too high in the treble and not too low in the bass.

The only downside we can find is that some users have reportedout of tune tones when the bellows are closed🇧🇷 If you notice this on your instrument, you should take it to a luthier to have the faulty reeds adjusted.


This Startone instrument is without a doubt the best choice on the market for players of all levels looking for aaffordable prices Accordion with quality features🇧🇷 Experienced musicians will find it superior in performance despite being made from inexpensive materials. This way you have a product that you can use constantly without risking your expensive accordion. If you want to see the best Thomann prices,follow the link.

If blue isn't your thing, this is itStartone 72 piano accordion in blackand to you. This is the same in running, tonal range, registers, and construction, but in a different color.

Akkordeon Piano Startone 120 BK

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (10)

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (11)

The price/performance ratio is excellent.

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (12)

You won't use as much bass.

Technical features:

  • Materials:ABS plastic, copper, aluminum, synthetic leather, fabric, kraft paper, stainless steel.
  • Number of keys:41 treble and 120 bass.
  • Sonar:9 out of 10.
  • he writes:Piano.
  • Weight: 10.5kg.

The Startone enters the instrument world with cutting-edge sonic performance yet low-cost construction, but it doesn't disappoint. Let's cut to the chase so you know what we mean.


The same materials used in the Startone Accordion 72 were used in its construction, namely a reinforced ABS body and a robust stainless steel structure. The bellows are also made of reinforced kraft paper with a higher percentage of cellulose and polypropylene sleeve to make it more waterproof.

In addition, the bellows has an internal structure reinforced in stainless steel and aluminum 6061-T6, most used in the construction of windows, frames for tables and chairs. The handles and base are made from T6 aluminum and copper, making it aRelatively light but powerful instrument.


The materials of this accordion are the same as the Startone 72 Piano Accordion.differ in performance, as the Piano Accordion 120 has 41 piano keys instead of 34. It also has 120 bass keys instead of 72. So the natural range of this accordion is wider and you don't need to resort to some bass keys .

As for the weight, it weighs 10.5 kg. Its dimensions are: 43 cm x 19 cm x 51 cm. It is matte black and looks very classy.


This accordion has an overflowing volume due to the large size of the bellows. Also due to the size of the air intake nozzle, the reverb is higher than the Startone Piano Accordion 72.Sound response throughout its natural range is dynamic and balanced.

The records are wonderful in the clean sound line. In the line of vibrato, the sound is rich in harmonics and you find a great ally for the counterpoint of baroque pieces. Furthermore, the compositions that best adapt to this instrument are those byAstor Piazzolla, as well as the most demanding compositions of Italian and French folklore.


If you're looking for a monster instrument that lets you unleash your creativity to explore crazy high registers and bass, this is for you. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, this accordion is great for your practice sessions. It is also a good accompaniment for live performances.

If you are a beginner and can afford it, do not hesitate, because this instrument will be your companion for life. Check thebest prices at thomann.

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Best Intermediate Accordions

These mid-range accordions we are about to describe come from two of the best manufacturers in the world. We mean Roland and Weltmeister, whose products are crafted in a conscientious way.

Roland FR-1XBK

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (13)

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (14)

It is the most used digital accordion in the world.

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (15)


Technical features:

  • Materials:Wood, ivory, ABS, Japanese components.
  • Number of keys:26 treble, 78 bass.
  • Sonar:10 out of 10.
  • he writes:piano digital
  • Weight: 6.5kg.

Roland specializes in manufacturing functional and digital pianos. In 2011 the brand launched what is still todaymost precious and coveted digital accordion in the world🇧🇷 Its impressive performance, realistic sound and bomb-proof construction have taken it to the top of the digital accordion category. Discover what it has to offerRevision.


There are two versions of thisacordeon digitalwhich are made of different materials. One version consists ofMahagonieholz, a material that has excellent resistance to breakage and its density makes it one of the best woods in terms of durability.

The second version is made of high density.reinforced ABSfor durability and an ultra-gloss luxury finish. The wooden accordion is now finished in five-ply black polyester. This finish is common on mid-range and high-range instruments as it offers the best impact protection.

Another interesting detail can be found in the buttons.In the wooden version, the keys are made of real ivory.and this gives the instrument an incomparable feel. The reinforced ABS version has polymer keys with ivory mechanics.

You will wonder which of the two versions is better. Good,we prefer the wooden accordionbecause the material quality is first class. But the ABS version is also very good, although it does not offer the same quality as the wood.

As it is a digital accordion,the entire internal system is electronic, so the bellows is just a mechanism to operate the system. Consequently, you won't find any reeds inside, although the bellows move and sound exactly like an acoustic accordion. On the other hand, the internal components are Japanese, the only ones that can directly compete with the best in the world. This means that its quality is more than guaranteed.


As we have already clarified, this is a digital accordion, that is, it does not have reeds and the bellows are not acoustic. However, it should be pointed outThe bellows was created with the aim of being realisticin your reply at any time. Whether opening or closing, letting it vibrate or varying the speed of movement, bellows sensors detect every movement because they are highly sensitive.

I have26 melody tasteswith dynamic sensitivity that produce sounds of different intensities depending on the force exerted. Also have72 The bass keyThey have the same dynamic sensitivity effect. It has a total polyphony of 128 voices, enough to express all your musical creativity and interpret the best accordion songs.

The digital system contains four treble courses. It's as if each reed of an acoustic accordion has four holes to direct the air. On the other hand, the basses have an effect that simulates five holes in the tabs.

Another interesting aspect is thatseven preset setsperfectly simulating accordions with eight high registers. It also features sixteen orchestral sounds, three regular and orchestral bass registers, eight chord registers, and the ability to save eight registers that you want to create. And let's not forget the option to enable effects likeSaal, Chorand real-time volume control.

One of the most popular features is that you can enable emulation of the instrument's natural sounds for both the bellows and the reeds. It also has an LED screen,USB connectivity and MP3 and Wav audio playback🇧🇷 Finally, you have headphone outputs, a line output and midi output. It's powered by built-in rechargeable batteries that last five hours on standby and dual 7W speakers. Weighs only 6.5 kg.


The sound of this instrument isRealist🇧🇷 You can get the opening and vibration effect when closing the bellows. Furthermore, thanks to the sensitivity effect of the bellows and the keys, it is possible to perform delay and tremolo effects.

Use ofHalljKoroeffect settingsYou can adjust the sustain and reverb depth🇧🇷 Of course, the sound offers harmonics that are only possible on digital devices. That's why this instrument is a sonic trap that makes you sound like the perfect musician.

Finally, the impressive sound of this instrument can be identifiedtransferred to your computerand create whatever you want. Therefore, the Roland FR-1X accordion is the ideal companion for practice, band rehearsals, and in the recording studio. Can you hearON HERE.


Joining the Roland family, this digital accordion is everything you need. It is recommended for intermediate or advanced players who want to do ideal companion for all occasions🇧🇷 If you want to improve and practice as a musician without disturbing anyone with the sound, then you need it in your life because you have a headphone jack. But if you want to record, you're sure to get the perfect sound without the need for additional microphones or equipment. Fascinated? find itthomann best prices.

World Champion Agate 34/80/III/5/3 Black

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (16)

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (17)

The sound is almost perfect.

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (18)


Technical features:

  • Materials:Cedar wood, ABS, kraft paper, polyester with PTFE, stainless steel, aluminum, copper.
  • Number of keys:34 treble and 80 bass.
  • Sonar:10 out of 10.
  • he writes:Piano.
  • Weight: 7.8kg.

Weltmeister is one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium, high-end accordions for the world's most demanding musicians. The company's stock includes the Achat 34/80/III/5/3, which represents the transition to the high end. we think it ismeets the characteristics of a high-end instrument at a lower price.


This world champion accordion has a case made of two types of materials:cedarfor the strongest parts andreinforced ABSfor curved sections. This combination not only increases the durability of the cabinet's main structure, but also contributes to the acoustics.

(Video) The Argument For Smaller Accordions

Synthetic leather and PTFE-reinforced polyester, a Teflon additive, were used for the bellows. This type of polyester is the strongest of all the reinforcements found in the manufacture of bellows. That's why we believe it is a high quality accordion. However, companies like Weltmeister are meticulous with their products.

For the internal reinforcement of the bellows,paper makealso used, also known as wood paper. However, a key difference is that paper plays the role of cladding wooden boards. This method is used on high quality accordions because the bellows with wooden joints create a lot of noise when opening or closing. Covering the wooden panels with kraft paper prevents them from bumping into each other, eliminating noise.

In terms ofeyelashes, youThey are made of copper and have an aluminum base with stainless steel rivets. This configuration of materials offers greater durability and resiliency, which is yet another reason to classify it as a high quality accordion.


I have80 bass buttonsthat give it an impressive natural texture. It also has 34 melodic keys, enough to play compositions from baroque to modern romantic. Although its sound is good for other styles as well.

Another interesting aspect is thatfive records, these are the five keys located above the piano keys. With them, five treble, three chorus and three bass registers can sound very well. Plus, four bass choirs ensure impressive versatility.

Finally, this accordion weighs 7.8 kg and is 41.8 cm high, 37.5 cm wide and 20 cm deep. It has a high gloss black finish that gives it a lot of elegance and the company includes a wooden box with a padded interior and handles to hold it.


his sound is excellentyour settingsExactly. That oneMaestroThe register button delivers otherworldly overtones and reverb, great for playing baroque compositions in Bach's purest contrapuntal style. insideviolinPicking up the sound leaves a bit of reverb to emphasize the clearest sound you can get for this price.

The cedar clad hull and bellows interior with cedar staves and kraft paper dampers provide vibration that benefits fromenveloping and beautiful supportin all registry settings. Likewise, in natural range transitions, it has exceptional balance.

As for the bass register, these are audible at the lowest setting and one is so deep that it's hardly needed for most compositions.


For all the above reasons, we can say that it isthe best mid-range acoustic accordionavailable on the market. Its construction is luxurious and the sound is beautiful. Our recommendation is that if you are looking for an intermediate level piano accordion, do not hesitate and choose this one. It is by far the best in its range and will be the best purchase you will make in a long time. Interested? Take a lookthomann best prices.

Now if you are looking for other color options with the same characteristics, the company offers theseAgate 34/80/III/5/3 Whiteit's atWeltmeister Agate 34/80/III/5/3 Red.More options with 72 bass buttonsis also available asAgate Weltmeister 34/72/III/5/3 Whiteit's atWeltmeister Agate 34/72/III/5/3 Red.Each of them has the same sound and material performance, but they differ in color and number of bass buttons.

Another option in 72 bass accordions is thisBlue Silent Wrench Hohner Bravo III 72,which sounds clearer and less powerful than the world champion. That would be the clearest competition for our star competitor in the midrange and their sound.combines best with Italian folk compositions, French tangos and Gardelor the complex structures of Piazzolla.

The best accordion for intermediate players.

Now let's move on to high quality accordions and it's a pleasure to talk about this instrument as its quality is unique. It was handmade in wood and its materials are of the highest quality.

Zupan ALPE IV 96 MH Helikon

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (19)

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (20)

The pinnacle of the accordion sound.

Accordion Review: The Best Accordions by Budget and Level (2023) (21)

Very expensive.

Technical features:

  • Materials:Rosewood, Genuine Leather, Stainless Steel, Ivory, Peach Skin Fabric Mutes.
  • Number of keys:38 treble, 98 bass.
  • Sonar:10 out of 10.
  • he writes:Piano.
  • Weight:10,4kg.

The quality of this premium accordion is impressive, combining natural elements such as leather, wood and ivory with traditional craftsmanship. Find out why we see it this waythe best accordion on the market, in this review.


Its entire body is made from Indian rosewood, one of the most valuable woods for guitar fretboards. this woodit is one of the densest and most durable in the world🇧🇷 In addition, it preserves sound quality exceptionally and, most importantly, emphasizes natural tones.

The keys are ivory.And they're great because they're weighted to match your natural keystroke, while the glide is superior to any of the competition. The bellows are the most surprising because they were created with an internal wooden structure coated with peach skin fabric dampers. In addition, the entire cover is made of real fur, although we do not know what animal it is.

The truth is that in this instrument you have the best material that can be used to make bellows and beyond everythingthe mechanics of the reeds are made of stainless steel and copper🇧🇷 In other words, the Zupan Alpe IV 96 MH Helicon has the best you can expect from high quality materials for an accordion.


The design is the best of all the accordions described in this list, as the combination of wood with stainless steel applications is great. The structure of the bellows reveals very careful and masterfully crafted details.

Othersaesthetic detailsIt's the vintage floral borders that shine on the case, as well as the beautifully carved cutouts on the stainless steel plate. In terms of beauty, we can say that this accordion is the pinnacle of first-class craftsmanship.

In terms of range, this accordion ishas 38 piano keys, each with four languages. at the same time has96 The bass keyand each of the keys or knobs has action sensitivity and pads to reduce all kinds of noise.

Offersten record buttonsto vary between a flat, non-legato sound, four stops for the high melody keys and four stops for the bass. Each of them is fully audible and, unlike all the accordions described above, these registers cannot be considered unnecessary, as they have tremendous tonal richness.

It weighs 10.4 kg and is 45 cm high, 20 cm deep and 38 cm long when closed.


this is thatDas Beste des Zupal ALPE IV 96 Helikon Accordions🇧🇷 If you use theMaestroBy registering, you activate four tabs that have exactly the same touch. But when repeated four times, it produces a monodic chorus effect that doesn't sacrifice harmonics or overdo the reverb. On the other hand, it maintains an enviable balance in each of the tones and movements of the bellows.

Now in the triple-tongued pyramid register, the reverb is explosive and has a vibe that matches perfectly.French and Italian traditional music🇧🇷 While in the one with two reeds orviolinposition, the sound is warm, smooth and blends well with parts of theromantic time.

The transition between each note is a total blast, and thanks to the mute mechanism, no noise will get in the way of your playing.


If you are looking for the best concert accordion, the Zupan ALPE IV is the ideal instrument as it has the aesthetics and timbre that a professional musician needs.Its sound is the most dynamic and versatile you can find., while the action of its keys and buttons is excellent. find itbest price at thomann.

But if you want to consider other options then you canCassotto 414 World Champion 41/120/IV115, which has a more aggressive attack and lower bass. That oneWorld Champion Romance 703 B-Mango BlancoIt is a 96-bass solo button accordion with a romantic, sensitive and smooth sound. On the other hand, theWorld Champion Topas 37/96/IV/11/5 BlackIt is ideal for folk music.

Remember that at Cultura Sonora you can find detailed and comparative reviews ofguitars,Drums,pianosand all kinds of musical instruments.

(Video) Best Beginner & Intermediate Accordions


What is a good make of accordion? ›

The best accordion brands

Hohner: since 1957, this company has been manufacturing reed and wind instruments of the highest quality. Their accordions are some of the best in the world. Startone: is a company dedicated to building low-cost instruments for children and beginner musicians.

What is the most popular accordion? ›

The most common accordion in the Americas is the diatonic. It's smaller than the chromatic, and always has button keys. It has two notes per button, depending on whether you push or pull the bellows, thus allowing for it to be smaller. It's popular in folk, Vallenato, Norteño, Musette, pop, and rock.

What to look for when buying a used accordion? ›

Overview: signs of abuse, corrosion or rust on accordion carry case. Strong mildew or musty smell. Bellows: inspect bellow folds if they are clean inside. Inspect metal bellow corners - they should be flush and not missing.

Which accordion is easiest to play? ›

Best Accordions for Beginners
  • Hohner Panther G/C/F 3-Row Diatonic Accordion.
  • Bayan Tula 209 B-System Stradella.
  • Hohner Accordions 1304-RED.
  • Rossetti, 31-Key Accordion (ROS3112-FBE-BK)
  • Hohner Compadre GCF Accordion, Orange.
Feb 27, 2021

How much is a good accordion? ›

In general, expect to pay between $500 – $600 for a new entry-level accordion. Factors such as the number of keys/buttons, brand, and finishes can make prices fluctuate from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. Some custom-made, professional models can run upwards of $15,000.

Do accordions go out of tune? ›

That said, accordions will eventually go out of tune and need to be tuned by a professional. Total 448 Reed tongues that need to be playing the correct pitch! A proper tuning requires that the reeds first be serviced so that the wax, valve and tongue on each side are positioned properly.

What accordions do Mexicans use? ›

Accordions used in Mexico and the United States to play any genre of Mexican or TexMex music styles are button style, and two or three-row diatonic (bisonoric) accordions. Each button on these accordions plays two different notes depending on the direction of the bellows.

Who is the king of the accordion? ›

For forty years Ramón Ayala's music has captured the experience and the soul of the hard life in the Rio Grande borderlands. His name is Ramón, Ramón Ayala, el señor Ramón Ayala. They call him the King of the Accordion.

Is a button accordion better? ›

Comparing the layout to the piano accordion, the advantages of a chromatic button accordion are the greater range and better fingering options. On the other hand, some fingering positions require twisting of the wrist and the aspect of alternative fingering patterns may stunt one in sessions of difficult sight reading.

Who is the best Mexican accordion player? ›

Leonardo “Flaco” Jiménez is San Antonio music royalty. Known as “El Rey de Texas” for his mastery of the accordion, the 82-year-old comes from a pioneering family of conjunto, the soul music of South Texas Mexican Americans.

What can I do with an old accordion? ›

Some of those places include:
  1. Community music schools.
  2. High schools.
  3. Instrument petting zoos.
  4. Make Music events.
  5. Loans to qualified players who need professional instruments.

How many keys should a beginner accordion have? ›

Children should start with the lowest number of bass buttons, 12 bass and 25 treble keys. Teens and adults should start with a 48 bass accordion. This amounts to 48 bass buttons and 26 treble piano keys.

How do you store an accordion? ›

Always store your accordion in a case if you can. This helps keep it away from humidity and other things that might damage the instrument. Try to keep it out of too much heat, cold, or humidity. The reeds inside the accordion might bend out of tune if there's too much humidity.

What does the M mean in accordion? ›

buttons are notated in the upper half, and as single notes labeled “M” (major), “m” (minor), “7” (major/minor 7th chords), or “d” (diminished). This is in accordance with official AAA notation, created in the United States in 1938 and widely used in accordion music everywhere. See.

How many hours does it take to learn the accordion? ›

Beginners learn to play their first simple piece within 2 weeks up to 2 months. Intermediates are able to play moderately difficult pieces and it usually takes at least 1 or 2 years to reach this level but it could take longer.

What is a full size accordion? ›

There are a vast range of makes and models available, with three and four voice being the most common tunings. 120 bass – A full size accordion, traditionally with 41 treble keys, although nowadays some factories also produce compact versions with 37 keys.

What accordion is best for Mexican music? ›

The typical Tex-Mex, Vallenato, and Norteño song wouldn't be complete without the distinctive sound of a Hohner accordion.

What is the average cost of an accordion? ›

Expect to pay between $500 and $600 for a new beginner accordion. From a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, the amount of keys/button, brand, and quality can all affect the price. Professional models constructed to order might cost upwards of $15,000 (USD) per unit.

Do all accordions sound the same? ›

There are no tuning options for the bass (left hand side). There are no set amount of tuning options and each brand of accordion can be tuned differently. Each tuning gives a different overall sound depending on the reed arrangement in the accordion.

What does LMM mean on accordion? ›

Accordions with more switches may have 3-4 treble reed banks, perhaps Low-Middle-High (LMH) or Low-Middle-Middle (LMM), or LMMH. Accordions with two Middle banks are often referred to as having "Musette" tuning.

What is the oldest accordion? ›

But the first true accordion made its appearance in 1822, when a German instrument maker named Christian Friedrich Buschmann (1775-1832) put some expanding bellows onto a small portable keyboard, with free vibrating reeds inside the instrument itself.

How tight should accordion straps be? ›

The bass strap should be sufficiently tight that when you change from push to pull, there is no audible delay in the music as your wrist moves from putting pressure on the body of the accordion to the strap. The strap should also be loose enough for you to reach every button on the bass side.

How much does it cost to get an accordion tuned? ›

$400-$500 depending on size. Tuning a piano accordion or five row chromatic accordion that requires valve replacement or resetting: $500-$700 Depending on the age and condition, number of reed blocks, number of bass buttons, etc. (Fluttering and popping sounds are signs that valves require work).

How much does it cost to restore an accordion? ›

It may look fine on the outside, but unfortunately - components inside an accordion do not age gracefully. Hundreds of reeds are attached with beeswax that gets brittle; tiny leather reed-valves can curl or fall off. Cost to restore can range from $750 to $1500 or more.

Can you sing while playing accordion? ›

An accordion player performing a melody can add her own bassline and chords. You can also sing along while playing.

What is a German accordion called? ›

A variant of both the accordion and the concertina is the bandonion, a single- or double-action instrument with square shape and finger buttons, invented by Heinrich Band of Krefeld, Germany, in the mid-1840s.

What is an Italian accordion called? ›

La fisarmonica, with its uncomplicated and cheerful sound and ease of use, became the ideal instrument to counter the elitist music of previous years. The Italian accordion industry was born in Castelfidardo in the Marche region of central-eastern Italy after its introduction there most likely by French troops.

What is a Russian accordion called? ›

The bayan (Russian: бая́н, IPA: [bɐˈjan]) is a type of chromatic button accordion developed in the Russian Empire in the early 20th century and named after the 11th-century bard Boyan. Bayan. Classification. Free-reed aerophone. Hornbostel–Sachs classification.

What Stars play the accordion? ›

Singers like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, Barry Manilow, Billy Joel, and Ginger Rogers played the accordion on several occasions.

Does Drew Carey really play the accordion? ›

I play accordion, but not well. 8. I also play trumpet, but not well.

Is accordion easier than guitar? ›

The guitar is easier, because after you learn a few basic chords, you can play the vast majority of most songs.

What is an accordion without keys called? ›

A concertina is a free-reed musical instrument, like the various accordions and the harmonica.

What is the difference between a diatonic and chromatic accordion? ›

On a chromatic accordion, these two blades are identical and the sound produced is therefore the same whether you pull or push the bellows. On the other hand, on a diatonic accordion, these two blades are generally different and the sound will be different when pulling or pushing the bellows!

What are the little black buttons on an accordion? ›

The accordion has free reeds on both the treble and bass sides. In modern accordions, the free reeds are generally made of tempered steel. The press of a button or key opens a valve to allow air to pass through the reed or reeds to make a sound when the bellows are pumped in or out.

How much does a professional accordion player make? ›

$79,130. How accurate does $79,130 look to you?

Who is the best Tejano accordion player? ›

Tony De La Rosa. With more than 100 records to his name, Tejano accordion player Tony De La Rosa is regarded as the king of the conjunto sound.

Why do Mexicans love accordions? ›

The accordion was eventually embraced by the Mexican American communities who were working to carve out a living for their families in a society that many times shunned them. They also began to slowly incorporate the traditional European dances, like the lively steps of the polka, into their own dance styles.

Are old accordions worth money? ›

In general, if an accordion is in great condition and is from a reputable manufacturer then it should hold some monetary value. How much will depend on factors such as age, condition, and builder. Instruments used by famous musicians or on important albums can also be worth a good amount of money.

What do the numbers on an accordion mean? ›

For example, a 4/5 accordion has four reeds on the treble side and five on the bass side. A 3/4 accordion has three reeds on the treble sides and four on the bass side. Reed ranks are classified by either organ 'foot-length' stops or instrument names.

Is the accordion a difficult instrument to learn? ›

The timing of the keys, buttons, and bellows must be in sync to create the intended sound. The accordion is one of the most difficult instruments to learn. Despite everything you've just read, the reward of mastering these instruments is well worth the agony of learning, so don't be put off.

What are the 2 main types of accordion? ›

There are two main kinds of accordion, distinguished by their different keyboards: button accordions and piano accordions. All accordions have a button keyboard on the left-hand side for bass chords, but on the right-hand side, where the melody is played, they can have either piano or button keys.

What type of accordion is best? ›

The piano accordion is one of the most versatile in the accordion family because of these fantastic features. It is a wonderful instrument. Its popularity stems from the fact that it can play any form of music.

What do the buttons on the left side of an accordion do? ›

The buttons on the left hand are divided into two categories: Free bass keys, which produce one unique note or pitch. Chord keys, which produce 3 notes (or 3 different pitches) to form major, minor, seventh and diminished chords.

Is piano accordion better than button accordion? ›

Comparing the layout to the piano accordion, the advantages of a chromatic button accordion are the greater range and better fingering options. On the other hand, some fingering positions require twisting of the wrist and the aspect of alternative fingering patterns may stunt one in sessions of difficult sight reading.

What is the difference between chromatic and diatonic accordion? ›

On a chromatic accordion, these two blades are identical and the sound produced is therefore the same whether you pull or push the bellows. On the other hand, on a diatonic accordion, these two blades are generally different and the sound will be different when pulling or pushing the bellows!

Do accordions need to be tuned? ›

How often do I need to tune my accordion? Unlike pianos and other string instruments which need to be tuned frequently, accordions will stay in tune for many years if they are maintained properly and not exposed to extreme temperature, humidity, moisture or other adverse conditions.

What is the best accordion for Mexican music? ›

The typical Tex-Mex, Vallenato, and Norteño song wouldn't be complete without the distinctive sound of a Hohner accordion.

What do you call an accordion with buttons on both sides? ›

A button accordion is a type of accordion on which the melody-side keyboard consists of a series of buttons. This differs from the piano accordion, which has piano-style keys. Erich von Hornbostel and Curt Sachs categorize it as a free reed aerophone in their classification of instruments, published in 1914.

What is the standard size accordion? ›

Accordions are sized according to the number of bass buttons, 12 bass, 48 bass 72 bass and 120 bass being the most common sizes.


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